Valentines Day 2017

The teachers at PAL make a Valentine’s Day card every year to tell all the children how much they are loved. This year the teachers made a love bug, and signed the card with love. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Gym Class Friday


Fridays equal Gym days here at PAL and today we had our very first Gym class. And to help us are two awesome professional Gym teachers!

We played with hoops, traced our steps on straight lines and crawled through tunnels. With cloudy and rainy weather outside, we were all very excited to move around and have fun in the gym.

Whoever said staying fit isn’t fun?

Happy Monday!

mommy's english class

Happy Monday everyone! To start the week, we had our very first Mommy’s English class!
Our mommies did a great job role playing being at a restaurant/cafe and taking each others’ orders. We were a little nervous at first but being around other moms and teachers we knew was fun and helped us relax and boost our confidence.

Come join us in the fun!

What’s For Lunch Today?


“Hmmmm” is all you can hear through the school hallways as both teachers and children alike enjoy the yummy scent of one of our favorite lunches; Pancakes and Corn Soup. It’s no wonder everyone is excited for lunch! Nothing better than home made warm food to wake us up and keep us active for the rest of the day.

All together; いただきま~す、Enjoy your lunch!